September 26, 2011

The fever has set in

I am consumed with thoughts of All Hallows' Eve.

Planning has commenced for this year's festivities and the construction of my costume is well under way. Decor has emerged from it's resting place and taken up residence among the other items that usually adorn my living room. It's the best time of year.

This year there is not going to be a huge blow out party like we usually do. Instead, Shay and I are hosting a murder mystery dinner. We only invited 16 people, so it's going to be a little more low key than usual, but I am convinced that it will be the most amazing Halloween get together to date. We have our work cut out for us over the next five weeks though, but it will all be worth it in the end. We have divided up the work load between the two of us, and it seems as though there is no possible way that we will have it all done in time. I know we will, but right now there is no end in sight. I think that this is what I live for though, the chaos of the season, and the payoff when all of the hard work is done.

My character for the event is Belladonna Erotica, a 19th century Italian murderess. I have a vision in my head of what the costume should look like, and I am hoping that I can pull it off. I found some amazing fabric the other day, and it is going to make all of the difference in the world. I cannot wait until it's complete. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just buy my costumes, because I tend to get in a little over my head every year. I just know that a store bought costume is not as awesome as something that I can tell people that I made. It gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.

October is officially my favorite month.