November 25, 2008

Look what I found today!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!?!?

November 24, 2008

What Can I Say?

Shay, Ashley, Denise and I saw Twilight on Saturday.

I'm going to go out on a limb here. What I am about to say may upset a few of you, but that's okay.....I'm going to say it anyway. Please don't think that I am saying this lightly. Here it goes:

"I, Kaylyn Scothern, liked the film adaptation of Twilight better than I liked the film adaptation of Harry Potter!"

There! I said it. I know, I was a shock to me as well. But what can I say? They did a great job with the casting, the action scenes were good, the on screen chemistry between Bella and Edward was fantastic, and I think that it followed the book very well. I get that they left a lot out, but they had to! How could you cram that whole story into one movie? I think that for those that have never read Twilight it would be a lot easier to understand what was happening than if you had never read Harry Potter before going to see the movie. Harry Potter just had too many holes.

There were definately those cheesy moments that you could've done without, but the book had those moments too, and it made for a good laugh. After wondering for months why they choose Robert Pattinson to play edward, I finally get it. I wasn't too happy when they announced that they had cast him as Edward, but after seeing the movie I was impressed! He and Kristen stewart were just fantastic as Bella and Edward.

Don't get me wrong! I love Harry Potter, JK rowling will always be my hero, and it will forever be my favorite series of books! But as far as the movie goes, I think Twilight was better. I plan on seeing it again, and again, and again. I like to re-watch good movies, it drives Brett crazy sometimes. :)

So, in a nutshell, I thought that Twilight was A-MAZ-ING, and I can't wait for New Moon!!

What did you think? Tell the truth!!

November 20, 2008

Take Me To Forks!

Yep, that's right! I'm going with Shay, Ashley, and Denise this weekend (unfortunately not until Saturday) to see TWILIGHT!! Can't wait! Hopefully Edward will look at least a little bit less Cedric Diggory-ish, I'm still not convinced that he'll be able to pull it off. We'll see......
.......are you going?

November 18, 2008

Tis The Season!

To answer a few questions for you:
  • Yes, that is Dirty Dancing on the TV.
  • Yes, this is a picture of our Christmas decorations.
  • No this isn't a picture of our Christmas decorations from last year.

So what? We put our Christmas tree (and all other Christmas decorations) up on Sunday and it's not even Thanksgiving yet, sue us! Is there a law that says Christmas can't start until after November? I don't think so! Alright I'll humor you, how long do you think one should wait to put up Christmas decorations?

That's your cue to leave a comment.....

November 13, 2008

F.A.O Schwarz

Ever seen the movie 'BIG'? It was one of my favorites when I was little, and while we were in Vegas we went into F.A.O Schwarz!! Where part of the movie was filmed....You know....that classic scene with the giant piano? Not ringing any bells? Maybe this will help:

Me being the 'BIG' dork that I am, didn't realize that the giant piano really existed until Saturday. I totally thought that it was just something that they made to use in the movie. Right after I saw it I wanted to run over and play on it! But we had put our name down for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and our reservation was in 2.5 seconds. So I would have to wait until we got done eating and come back. That was probably (seemed like it anyway) the longest hour of my life. But luckily for me when we made it back into the toy store, the piano was still there. It wasn't a figment of my imagination, and I was ECSTATIC!! I'm lame, whatever! Brett tells me all the time that I act like a little kid, and usually it bothers me. Not this time.
Also from the movie 'BIG':

Then we found a rack of really funny hats, so naturally we put them on and took pictures. You're welcome!

What Happens In Vegas.....

.....Should always be blogged about!! (warning....lots and lots of pictures!)

We started out the day by looking over the map and making a game plan. Above is the note that Chaz's mom left for him and Brett to remind them not to go too crazy gambling. It reads: REMEMBER this city was NOT built on winners. :)

We began our long journey down The Las Vegas Strip at Treasure Island, and headed south. We stopped at pretty much every casino, and hotel along the way to take it all in. There is so much to see.
We saw some jets in the air that had trails of dots, and at first didn't look like much. Then after a few minutes we realized that they were spelling words. What a great way to advertise.

We didn't get to go into Madam Tussaud's wax museum, but we did get to meet Whoopi and The Terminator outside and have a picture taken with them. They were both so nice!

Right after we left The Venetian we had an interesting encounter with a homeless man, who tried to molest Brett. He was CRAZY! He followed us for a little while, and we were finally able to loose him in the crowd, but I really thought that Brett was going to hit him if he didn't leave us alone. I wish I would've taken a picture so that you could see how insane he looked, but I was afraid that he would've stolen my camera if I would've taken it out of my purse. Words cannot describe the experience, it was insane.

On a lighter note, Shay and I look fantastic in feather boa's....don't you think?
More exciting Vegas Adventures to come, so check back soon!

November 12, 2008

Sin City!

Last Friday we set off on a road trip to the desert. The Sun was shining, and there were sun flower seeds a plenty. It was great! Road trips are so much fun!! Shay was on a business trip in Albuquerque, NM and so Brett, Chaz, and I drove and she flew in and met us there that night. We arrived at around 5:30 pm and had a few hours to kill until her flight came in, so we went to the grocery store and then checked into our hotel. The first night we didn't do much. We took the shuttle from the hotel over to Caesar's Palace, and just walked around for a little while and had a few drinks. Then we went back to the hotel to just re coupe from the traveling and prepare for the long day we knew was ahead of us.
Saturday morning things started off a little crazy*....please don't think any less of us for what you are about to see. Las Vegas is insane, and I never thought I would do something like this, but I did. I can't say I'm proud of myself, but damn it was fun!
*Stay Tuned for more wild and crazy adventures of The Scothern's and The Schlange's in Sin City.

November 5, 2008

First Snow

We woke up this morning to snow. I have to admit, at first it didn't really bother me too bad. It was pretty outside, and Belle was excited. She loves the snow! Here are a few pictures:

Usually the first few times it snows for the year I'm alright with it, and then after about three days I'm praying for sunshine. Not today though. I am SO ready for winter to be over, and it hasn't even been snowing for a full day yet. Here's why:


Sorry for yelling at you, but I just can't help it right now. It usually only takes me 35 minutes to get to work. I know that this is just the beginning of a horrible snow season, and that can only mean one thing for me....horrible commutes in and out of Utah county on a daily basis.

That is all.

November 3, 2008

Someone Turns 26 Today......

If you don't already know then I'll give you a few hints......
  • His favorite color is blue
  • He loves to play basketball
  • He loves to ride his long boards
  • He loves any spicy food
  • He is a total adrenaline junkie
  • He is currently a student at UVU
  • He is the youngest of six

Give up?? It's this guy:

Happy birthday!! I think I speak for everyone when I say....we are so glad that you are still here to have birthday's for us to celebrate!! :) Have a great day today, you deserve it! I love you!!!

Party Time!!

We had such an awesome Halloween this year!! Thanks Shay and Ashley for throwing such a great party, it was a blast!! We went to dinner at Chili's in our costumes, had a donut eating contest, did the limbo, danced, drank, and played rock band.

Shay did awesome with the decorations, and there were so many fun costumes! There was Beetlejuice, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Cruela DeVille, Cat Woman, Ricky and Lucy, Hippies, Devils, and Pirates. Brett and I were Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was great!