October 28, 2008

Birthday Festivities!


So Sunday was Shay's birthday, and we went up to their house on Saturday to celebrate. It was SO fun! We went to dinner at La Ferrovia on 25th street with Shay's family (we had never been there) and it was fantastic. YUM! :) Her family is really fun to hang out with.....thanks guys for letting us tag along!!

We had Hunter with us because Mashley was at a Halloween party, he's such a doll. After dinner we went back to Shay's dad's house so that we could sing to her and her brother (his b-day was Saturday) and have cake and Ice cream. Then we went to Mashley's to watch a movie. It was a great night! We always have a ton of fun hanging out with The Schlange's!!

Having fun on the way to dinner!

Oh, and for the record.....this is the shirt that Chaz was really wearing on Saturday (Brett is just really good with Photoshop):

October 27, 2008

It's Getting Embarrassing......

Last week I did a post titled Halloween Prep that had a few pictures of Brett and Chaz wearing silly masks while we were doing some Halloween shopping. After it was posted Chaz left this comment:

"Why is it that every picture you post of me I am wearing the same shirt? I really do have more than 1 shirt. I have 2 shirts, and I always seem to be wearing my skull shirt every time you take my picture!"

So we thought FOR SURE that when we went up to their house this weekend he would be wearing this "other shirt" that he speaks of.....he knew we were coming, so we thought it was a sure thing. But, when we drove up and this is what we saw:

He was standing outside, talking on his phone IN HIS SKULL SHIRT!! Has he lost his mind? I don't think he really has "another shirt".....I think he's just saying that so that no one will make fun of him for being so poor. Lucky for him he has a couple of rich friends (I'm not saying any names here) that can afford to buy him a few new shirts for Christmas so that he won't have to suffer from this embarrassment any more.

Until then, there will be no more pictures of Chaz posted on this blog. I don't know if I can take it anymore. Do you know how many emails we get everyday from people who are making fun of our friend Chaz for wearing the same shirt every time we take his picture? It's too many to count, and I just can't handle reading them anymore.

October 24, 2008

Beus Pond

I know that I am always saying how much I hate the snow, but I am actually really excited for the snow this year, and here's why:

Beus Pond is my favorite place in the whole world! It is where we got engaged, and it is so beautiful in the winter. There are ducks galore! :) So since feeding ducks is one of my favorite activities, it makes this place even more perfect. The bottom picture is our sister Melissa, who is also our favorite photographer!!

Above are a few of the pictures that Melissa took for us there two winters ago. Thanks Melissa, we'll see you there again this year (hopefully)!

October 22, 2008

Brett's Favorite Commercial

When we were in L.A. visiting Emily this past April we spent A LOT of time at her apartment watching movies and TV, and our most of the shows that we love are on The Discovery Channel. One of the commercials that was always on was the 'boomdiada' commercial, and we loved it! It was on just about every commercial break we watched, and when we got home we couldn't stop singing it. We even got it as a ring tone on our phones from Phonezoo! Then sadly when we got home from our vacation we only saw it a few times, and they never play it anymore!! Brett was talking about it last night, and I thought it would be fun to post it here! Now Brett can watch it whenever he wants, and if you haven't seen it before you can enjoy it for the first time!!


October 14, 2008

Sneak Peek.....

We were going to wait to tell you what we chose for our Halloween costumes, but Belle begged us to let her give you a sneak peek. Since she's a princess and she ALWAYS gets her way, we gave in.......

October 13, 2008

Halloween Prep

Chaz and Shay came down this weekend to hang out and help us get our Halloween costumes going. It was a ton of fun, as usual! We haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, but this year we got invited to a Halloween party at Mashley's. Brett really wasn't too excited about the idea of dressing up for the party, but then when the invitation came in the mail we realized we had no choice. It said: "Come in costume, come naked, or don't come at all." So off we went on a hunt for the perfect costumes! We had plenty of good options to consider (see below) and we have finally decided what we are going to be. Stay Tuned!

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