December 6, 2012

A place without background music

The countdown has officially been on for a while now, but it is getting so close that I can almost taste it. 

Brett finishes school one week from today.

It's a surreal feeling to think that soon we will be packing all of our things and relocating.  We have lived in this apartment for just over five years now, and even though we are outgrowing it, I think I will miss being there.  Just a little.

We have started looking for houses closer to where we both work, in hopes that our daily commutes won't have to be as long.  It's been fun to think about all of the possibilities, and sad to see some of the ones we really liked being sold, but it's exciting. We are ready to be home owners again.

Soon things are going to settle down a bit, and I will have more time to update this blog.  I'm looking forward to that, too. Things have been so busy for both of us between work and trying to get all of the final school projects completed, that I don't feel like there has been any time to sit down and breathe, let alone write.  I miss it.

I'm curious to know.... is anyone still here?