October 30, 2009

At last

Between making costumes, building coffins, creating playlists, shellacking boxes, photoshopping pictures, and trying to shop for all of those last minute finishing touches we have been so busy this month that it seems as though our lives are completely consumed with Halloween preparation. Hence the sparse posting that has taken place here.

I am really excited about how our costumes turned out, but damn! Next year I am going to pick costumes that will be a lot less complicated to construct. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed making them, I just wish it would've taken about two weeks less than it actually did. I even ended up breaking down and buying Brett's costume, and just making a few minor adjustments to it. I bit off way more than I could chew with mine, and to make them both completely from scratch would've been impossible in the time frame that I gave myself. I should've started sewing in February.

The hard work will all pay off tonight though, because tonight is the night we have been working so hard to perfect. Tonight is the dead man's party!

What are your Halloween plans this year?

October 26, 2009

Dear Shaymus,

Happy birthday!

I am so sad that I have to wait until Friday to give you your birthday present. {I think you are going to love it!} I hope that your day today is fantastic, and hopefully everyone that lives closer will shower you with lots of love and gifts. You deserve it!!

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but it has been a month since the last time we saw each other.

One. Whole. Month.

I know that it's been really hard because both of our schedules are crazy as of late, and we are both working insanely hard to prepare for Halloween, not to mention the fact that you were in Disneyland last week, but I really miss you!

I miss talking to you. I miss having you make me laugh. I miss making fun of each other, and calling you names. I know that we have been doing these same things over the phone and through text messages, but it's just not the same!

I hope you know that you are the most amazing friend in the world, and I love you like you were my own sister. I can't wait until Friday when we can resume our shenanigans!


October 21, 2009

So glad I'm not that desperate

Out of all of the holidays that come and go Halloween always manages to keep me the most busy. It seems like I have been back and forth between the fabric store and the Halloween store about a hundred thousand times in the last two months. You know how it goes when you are working on a project and suddenly you realize that you forgot to buy something and are forced to run back to the store, AGAIN! Oh, that never happens to you? Guess I'm just unprepared.

On Monday night I dragged Kristi and Joeli with me all over Utah county trying to find all of the last minute things I still needed, like oh I don't know, MY HUSBAND'S WHOLE ENTIRE COSTUME!!! Yeah, I'm that far behind. Halloween is only ten days away, and I still haven't been able to find it.

We started at one Halloween store, then the fabric store, then a craft store, and then went to another Halloween store. No luck. So we decided to try Savers. Remind me never to do that again please. I'm not saying that all savers' are bad, but the one by my house is. I don't know if you have ever been in a savers before, but if not, just picture a really dumpy version of DI. They don't organize things very well, the smell when you walk in is enough to make you want to vomit, there are four hundred thousand people crammed into one store at any given moment, the employees are all extremely hostile, and did I mention the smell? It's bad.

We had probably only been there for about five minutes when Kristi leans in and whispers just loud enough for Joeli and I to hear her, that she is disgusted that they sell used bed sheets and comforters in a store like this, I mean come on! That can't be very sanitary. To which I reply that as long as they don't sell used panties, I'm alright. They don't do they?

After our brief exchange about the sheets I browse for maybe another five minutes, and find a jacket that I think might work. I'm standing in line at the register to give one of the aforementioned hostile employees my six dollars so that I can get the hell out of there, when Kristi leans in with another whisper and proclaims, that the answer to my question is yes.

At first I was somewhat puzzled, because I didn't remember asking her a question. Then she gets this really disgusted look on her face and goes; you know, about the panties! I just saw some over there by the bra's.

Forget the smell, because that was the point when I damn near lost my dinner.

October 14, 2009

Something to ponder....

Let's say that in some alternate universe you cannot be yourself anymore, and you have to choose a new identity. It has to be someone who is currently living, but other than that it can be anyone you want.

If you couldn't be you anymore, who would you want to be?

October 12, 2009

Sweet revenge

Brett and I love a good movie, but that's probably obvious given the fact that I post about movies frequently. One of our favorite aspects of a movie is a plot for revenge. Specifically when the character in the movie is seeking revenge over the death of a loved one that has been killed. It just gives the movie such an awesome sense of emotion, anticipation, and excitement.

In our opinion, Braveheart is the greatest revenge movie of all time. You wanna fight about it?

That is why we are so excited to see the new movie Law Abiding Citizen. It looks incredible, Gerard Butler is the star, and the plot is about a man who is seeking revenge for the murders of his wife and daughter. What more could a movie need? Just watching the trailer gives me chills! If this movie is done as well as it has the potential to be done, it will surely join Braveheart at the top of our list. I can't wait!

Some of our other favorite revenge movies include:

What is your favorite revenge movie?

**Update: This movie rocks!! Definitely on my list of top ten revenge movies.

October 6, 2009


The sickness invading the basement apartment we call home over the last week is completely destroying my will to participate in the daily activities that normally occupy my life. I don't even feel like breathing anymore because it has become so labored.

I don't think that either of us have been this sick in the nine years that we have known each other. But hey, at least we are going through this hell together.

Here's what I don't understand about being sick: Why does it seem to eternally linger? Between the two of us we have gone through two bottles of DayQuil and three bottles of NyQuil in roughly a week. That can't be good for anyone.

So friends, if you have any wonderful remedies up your sleeve that you would be generous enough to share with us I would be forever grateful.

Please help us.