February 7, 2012


Belle takes her toys very seriously. They are her babies.

She absolutely loves to sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy its warmth. Since we are fully taking advantage of the fact that there is still no hint of snow in sight at our house, she gets to spend time outside when Brett is home between classes. Today, she snuck her baby out with her so that it could enjoy the sun, too.


  1. Why is she not holding her toy frog? I thought that was her favorite toy?

  2. Cute. Belle & her baby...sunbathing.

  3. Dude, Chaz. You know that she has a plethora of babies that she plays with. She does love her frog, but she also loves her pig, her lamb, that squeeky fucking purple thing you snuck home with her....and we can't forget Marcus, the moose carcass.

    She knows how to be a good mama and spread her love.

  4. I was talking about the baby that she tore the head off the other day. Seems like an angry little mama if you ask me. Viscious hound

  5. If I remember correctly, that baby's head wouldn't have come off if you weren't on the other end pulling too. She wouldn't have done that on her own.....


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