January 4, 2013

And the worst blogger award goes to.....


I feel terrible that it has taken me so long to get this post up, because I should have done it weeks ago, but I am hoping that my Secret Santa will understand!

I was absolutely thrilled with the gift she sent!! It was very thoughtful and the package contained some great things!! Here's what she sent:

A ball for Belle.  It's even her favorite kind....squeaky!

A journal for me.  I love that it has the quote from the top of my blog 
on the cover.  I can't wait to start writing in it.  

The package also had the board game version of Words with Friends, which I didn't take a picture of, but I am very excited about it because that happens to be one of my favorite iphone games.  

Thank you to my secret santa!! Once again, I had a great time participating, and look forward to doing it again next year!! 

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